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Stop/Station Number

A Stop/Station Number (#) is a unique identification number for each stop or station within the Metro system. By knowing your Stop or Station Number, you can access arrival information directly without navigating through multiple lines, etc.

We're making plans to place these numbers on our Bus Stop signs on the street. In the meantime, there are many ways to find your Stop or Station Number online. Once you find your Stop or Station Number(s), keep them in a convenient place so you can take them with you on your trips.

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Find by Calling 511

Call 511 and say “Look-up a stop number”. Then follow the prompts. You’ll need to know your Metro bus or rail line, direction and stop name (intersection). Then 511 will tell you the stop or station number, as well as the next three arrival times for that line.

Find by using Nextrip Stop/Station Finder

Once you have selected your Line and Stop or Station with the online Stop Finder, look for the Stop Number displayed on the lower-right hand corner of the results box. The Stop Numbers are called-out in the visual below:

Nextrip Online Stop Finder

Find on Google Transit / Maps

Metro Bus and Rail System information is already on Google Maps . If you use Google Maps/Transit, you can find the Stop or Station # listed when a Metro Stop is mentioned (they are called Stop IDs in Google Maps). The Stop Numbers are called-out in the visual below:

Google Maps