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Version 4.0

Go Metro to work, shopping, schools or entertainment all over Los Angeles County with Metro’s newly redesigned and customer-friendly mobile application. Whether you're a first time rider and would like to find out how to get started or if you travel frequently and need to plan your trip out on the town, use this app to find all of the convenient ways to get there when you Go Metro.

Significant upgrades in Go Metro Los Angeles - Version 4.0:

  • New Trip Planner with transit data from 24 carriers
  • Integrated system alert & advisories
  • Dynamic & offline maps
  • Real time arrival data
  • Favorites section for riders to customize their Metro experience

In an effort to provide a seamless customer experience the new app takes design cues from the new website and has been reengineered with the same platform. It is data-driven and places customer features at the forefront – the primary focus of the app is to provide transit information (Nextrip, trip planning, maps, schedules, alerts) quickly and accurately.


The new trip planner is integrated into the app and will allow mixed mode transit: rail, bus, bike, park & ride, and walking using data from 24 transit carriers. Popular features include type ahead for the starting and final destination, integrated system alerts in your itinerary, planning future trips, and trip preferences such as less walking, faster trips, and fewest transfers.

Go Metro - Trip Planner


The new alert system provides real-time alerts for bus, rail, and system-wide alerts. Alerts and Advisories are now integrated into your trip itinerary, you can also check system information for your preferred lines, stops, and stations.

GO Metro - Alerts


View a dynamic map of any line, stop, or station for connections, alerts, and arrival times. The map will also show your current location in context to the route selected, and you can still download the static maps for off-line use. You can still download the map/schedule of your line or the entire system for offline use.

Go Metro - Live and Offline Maps


Allow the app to access your device GPS location to get Nextrip real-time arrivals of your line and vehicle. You will also be able to download scheduled timetables for off-line use. Tap a line you’re interested in to see next arrival times, active alerts, and full schedule.

Go Metro - Real Time Arrivals


Look for the star icon on your bus/rail lines, stops/stations, and trips planned to add them to Favorites for easy access. You may also edit your travel history and favorites list at any time.

Go Metro - Favorites


Contact information for Customer Relations, TAP, and Transit Security is now one-click away from the main screen for quick customer help. Locations of Metro Customer Centers and TAP resellers are integrated into the map.

Go Metro -Resources


What are the features of the Go Metro App?

Features in Go Metro Los Angeles 3.0:

  • Live Maps & Real Time Arrivals – View a live map of your route, vehicle location, and get real time arrival.
  • My Metro – Previously visited trips, itineraries, routes, or stations/stops are automatically saved and can be “favorited” for easy access.
  • Contextual System Alerts – See alerts and notifications based on your previous trips, itineraries, route selection, or stations/stops.
  • Customer Assistance & Help – Call Customer Relations, TAP Help, and Metro Transit Security directly from the app. Locations of Metro Customer Centers and TAP resellers are integrated in the map.
  • Native Trip Planner – The trip planner is integrated into the app and will allow mixed mode transit.

Which transit agencies are included on the app?

Go Metro App combines information for agencies around the Los Angeles area. For a complete list, please visit the full trip planner at:

How will it count against my data plan?

The app uses the Internet connection for arrivals, map downloads, and web-based contents. If you are using Go Metro on-the-go, and not using WiFi, your device will most likely use the data plan from your mobile carrier. Downloading maps and schedules and updating your app to the latest version are recommended over WiFi connection.

Is this app designed or available for tablets?

An iPad version of the app is available.

What if I want more information or if I want to provide feedback on the Go Metro app?

  • Please contact for assistance, or –
  • In the Go Metro app, send us feedback by going to the Menu, then tapping on “Send feedback about this App”.

We appreciate your feedback.

Is real-time arrival information available on the app?

Yes, on the Home screen, select a Bus stop or a Rail station to view Nextrip Arrivals.

How do I find a schedule or a timetable for a specific Bus or Rail line?

From the Home screen, select the Maps button, then select the Bus or Rail line number desired for download the PDF of the schedule. Alternatively, you can download a web formatted timetable at .

Why does the app ask to access my location?

Go Metro app uses location based services on your mobile device to show stops nearby and to send notifications about transit conditions, event information, or promotions that may be relevant to the location. When prompted, you may select “Don’t Allow” to decline access. You can also change settings for location services by going to the Settings in your mobile device. On iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Go Metro, then select the desired options. On Android, go to Settings > Location, then turn location services on or off for your device.

What is a Beacon?

Beacon is a small device that communicates it’s location to mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. Beacons may be found in interior and exterior spaces to trigger location-specific notifications about transit conditions, events, or promotions. If you do not want Beacons to interact with your mobile device, you may disable Bluetooth in Settings.

What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a virtual area that is created in real geographical space. It is created by using location based services (LBS) enabled on your mobile device. When you enter this virtual area, a notification, about transit conditions, events, or location-specific promotions, may be triggered on your mobile device. If you wish to disable geo-fencing, turn off location services by going to the Settings in you mobile device. On iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Go Metro, then select the desired options. On Android, go to Settings > Location, then turn location services on or off for your device.

How do I turn-off or turn-on notifications for the app?

To manage notifications for Go Metro, go to the Settings for your mobile device. On iOS, go to Settings > Notifications > Go Metro, then select the desired options. On Android, go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App notifications > Go Metro, then select the desired options.

How are advertisements being used on the app?

Go Metro also includes third party advertisements, that uses location information while using the App. Metro does not have access or collect your personal information to present advertising.

Tips & Troubleshooting

How do I install the app?

You can download the app directly from Apple App Store or Google Play store. Please view the app information page on our website:

I am having trouble installing the app to my Android/iOS device.

If an older version of the app already installed, uninstall the older version and remove all app data. Try restarting the device; then install the latest version of the app.

I am having trouble getting the app to work.

Please send a more specific description of the issue and device details (OS version and model) to for assistance.

How do I find real-time arrival times for my bus/rail line?

On the Home screen, select a Bus stop or a Rail station, then select the desired vehicle to see arrival times for the stop or station.

Why is my stop/station is not displayed on the map?

There may be an issue with the data feed for the app. Please call Metro Transit Info line at 323.466.3876 or report the issue to .

How do I use the Live Map?

The Live Map is a new feature on the app; we are currently working on making improvements. The Live Map of shows the approximate locations of vehicles on a route, which gives you a glance at where vehicles may be in relation to stops or stations.

Why are arrival times not accurate or exact?

We use Nextbus data for tracking positions of bus and rail lines. There may be discrepancies of the actual arrival time due to technical factors and actual traffic conditions. Arrival times are approximate and are not an exact calculation of a vehicle’s arrival time.

Where is the Trip Planner?

You can start planning a trip from the Home screen by entering a desired destination in the search box. The destination could be a street address (example: 1234 Smith St), street intersection (example: Wilshire and Vermont), location/landmark name (example: Wiltern Theater), or a stop/station number.

Also, you can start a trip to or from the Nextrip Arrivals screen.

How do I save my searches or frequently used stops or stations?

You can favorite a specific stop/station, Trip Planner result, Live Map, and Route Map on its respective information screen by tapping on the Favorite icon. You can find all of your “favorited” items in My Metro.

Also, the App automatically saves recent searches and accessed stops and stations, which can be found in My Metro screen. From My Metro, you can “favorite” any item to save and use them in the future. “Favorited” items may be found under the Favorites tab in the My Metro screen.

How do I set specific start or end times for my trip?

After you’ve searched the desired destination and selected “Trip to” or “Trip from”, the app will take you to the Trip Planner screen. From there, set specific start or end times by tapping on the start/end button, which displayed as “Leaving Now” by default. Once the button is tapped, you will see options to select Start or End, date, and time. After making time adjustments, tap on Save. The updated start or end time will now be displayed.

Why isn’t the Bus schedule accurate?

There may be discrepancies of the actual arrival time due to actual traffic conditions. To report the issue, please call Metro Transit Info line at 323.466.3876 or email .

I turned my GPS location on; however, it does not accurately pin point my location. How do I increase its accuracy?

To increase the GPS locator’s accuracy, try turning on your phone’s WiFi. (Note that the GPS locator’s accuracy will depend on the speed of your cell phone service as well as the strength of your signal reception.)

I am having trouble downloading All Maps & Timetables

All Maps & Timetables package has a large file size, and will be downloaded using WiFi only. If the download has paused or seems slow, you may minimize the app, then check on it a few minutes later to verify the download.

How do I restore or download previously purchased All Maps & Timetables?

Sign-in to the App Store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) account associated with the purchase. In the Go Metro app, go to Maps & Timetables, then you should see the button to restore or download.

How do I request a refund of my In-App Purchase?

Terms and conditions of the purchase will be governed by the App Store (Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store) associated with your App Store account. Requests for refunds will be processed through the App Store.

Name & Description
Metro Mobile

Go Metro Los Angeles v4.0
Metro's new app for iPhone and Android devices. Free, convenient, and easy-to-use. Key features includes: Real time arrivals, Live maps, MyMetro travel history, contextual system alerts, call Transit Info, Transit Security, or TAP Help directly from the app.
Download for iOS
Download for Android

Metro Mobile

Metro Bike Share App
If you're riding Metro Bike Share, get the app! With the official Metro Bike Share app you can check real-time bike and dock availability, buy a Monthly or Flex pass, contact customer service by chat, phone or email, and much more!

Metro Mobile

Go511 App
The new Go511 app provides Southland commuters another tool to outsmart traffic. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the app gives you up-to-the-minute traffic updates, plus real-time and scheduled transit information for five SoCal counties.

Simple Trip Planner

Simple Trip Planner
This unique tool is a text-only version of the Metro Trip Planner and is ideal for mobile devices. Plan your trip anywhere in the Los Angeles area with up-to-the-minute schedule information from the 60+ transit agencies serving the greater L.A. area.


Nextrip Bus Arrivals
Nextrip is a service designed to help take the guesswork out of bus arrival and help you to get to your stop at the same time as your bus. Get bus arrival info via cell phone, website or other mobile device.

LA Metro Transit Watch

LA Metro Transit Watch
The LA Metro Transit Watch is a quick and easy way for transit riders to communicate directly to Metro about suspicious activity or quality of ride problems at a Metro station or while riding a Metro bus or rail line. Be our eyes and ears and help make Metro more secure.

Transit tools for web and mobile devices

Developers are coming up with amazing, enterprising products all the time and Metro is proud to make our scheduling data available for developers in this pursuit. Below is a collection of applications and tools created by developers for various operating systems and mobile devices.

Metro does not endorse, license, nor warrant any of these tools or applications. Please research each application for availability on your device before downloading and contact the developer for support.

Thumnbnail Name & Description OS Cost
Check public transit schedules & real-time predictions: +500K stops in +100 cities in one app!
iPhone, iPad $
AnyStop: LA Metro
Get real-time transit information for Metro Los Angeles in Los Angeles California with AnyStop!
Android Free
ios_busboy Busboy
Tired of waiting for the bus? See when your bus is actually coming, with updating time timetables and maps.
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Free
Stop times, where you are, instantly
Android $
CSULA Transit
Real-time updates on all buses arriving at Cal State LA; also displays Metrolink train arrivals.
iPhone Free
Get transit directions by text message
SMS Free
Dash! Transit
At Dash! our mission is to make your transit commute easier. Dash! will automatically notify you to let you know exactly when the next train or bus is departing as you walk to your stop (with real-time status and delays).
iPhone, iPad, iPod Free
Google Maps
Transit directions and transit maps for many cities around the world
Web, Mobile web Free

Resource for those traveling and using the Metro; app for booking all travel needs.

iPhone, Android Free
HopStop HopStop
Provides door-to-door transit directions in over 80 cities throughout the US, Canada and Europe. HopStop also provides transit maps, schedules and nearby stations.
iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Mobile Web Free
iTrans Thumb iTrans LA Metro
This app is for the Los Angeles County Metro Rail system.
iPhone $
iTransitBuddy contains the latest train schedules for multiple Transit Agencies for your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Android, Blackberry, iPhone $
LA Metro Alerts
Find the route and stop you're looking for and bookmark it; provides arrival predictions and arrival alerts.
Dev Winners
Android Free
LA Metro Companion- Bus + Rail

LA Metro Companion- Bus + Rail
Metro Companion is the fastest way to track bus and train arrivals on the Los Angeles Metro System.

Android Free
LA METRO Transit Guru
Take with you all Metro routes, look up real time GPS arrivals for stops nearest to you or anywhere else on the map. Save your most traveled routes.
Windows Phone Free
LA Metro Watch
An essential app for LA Metro riders. Features include real-time GPS location of buses and predicted arrival times at stops.
iPhone, iPad Free
Los AngelBus
This app shows locations and predicts bus times in Los Angeles using GPS info from the Los Angeles Metro.
Android Free
Lumatic City Maps
Designed for locals and travelers alike, Lumatic City Maps provides detailed public transit and walking directions.
iPhone, Android Free
Mapnificent Los Angeles
Mapnificent shows you the area you can reach with public transport from any point in a given time.
Web, Mobile web Free
Moovit Transit App Moovit
Bus Times, Train Times and Live Updates
Web, Mobile web Free
Multimodal Trip Helper
Highlights bus arrival predictions and bikeways to enable planning of transit-bicycle trips.
Web Free
NapMonkey - Wake-up Calls for Commuters
LA Commuters, get a wake up call before you miss your stop! NapMonkey will wake you up when your stop is coming up.
iPhone, Android $
Networking 2.0 - LA
Metro, Rail, Bike, and Street maps, as well as tourist guides to help you around the city.
iPhone $
A mobile app for train, light rail and subway schedules throughout the US
Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung $
railLA Ridefinder
Uses GPS coordinates to determine the closest bus stop and the next bus to arrive.
iPhone Free Smart Ride
Access a list of nearby routes, arrival times and locations; works for numerous transit agencies.
iPhone Free
Determines stations/stops nearby and the next arrival time for your trip; works for numerous transit agencies worldwide.
Android Free
Immediately we plan trips and provide the schedule depending on your current location.
Web, Mobile Web, iPhone, iPad Free
StopFinder uses augmented reality to help you locate bus stops from over 100 transit agencies.
iPhone Free
TransitCast LA
Next bus times and train departures; will announce next stop when riding a route or connect to your BlueTooth watch.
Android Free
TransitGuru LA Metro
The ONLY rail app combines with interactive map, offline schedule and route planning, alarm to wake you up when arrival, and integration with Yelp and Google Map.
iPhone $
Application for accessing bus and train timetables; add your timetables by selecting route, direction, and stop.
Android, Web, Mobile web $
Bus arrival predictions with additional details, including vehicle number, location, off route vehicles, schedule adherence, multiple stops on the same page and vicinity maps for stations and terminals.
Web, Mobile web Free

Transit App
Transit App is the fastest way to get going in Los Angeles! Right on launch, it displays all nearby transit options and departure times — instant access to the information you need most. A couple taps and you can see where your bus or train is on a map in real-time, plan a-to-b trips, view schedules and more.

Web Free
Transit Score Transit Score
Transit Score measures how well a location is served by public transportation.
Web Free
Transit Stop Virtual Tour
Demo providing virtual tours of areas in and around select Gold Line Stations.
Web Free

TripGo is your next generation trip planner that provides all your door-to-door options for easy comparison. Find your way using any combination of public transport, taxi, shuttle services, car, motorbike, cycling, bike sharing and walking.

IOS, Android, Web Free
Public transit time tables to your pocket
iPhone $
Vidappe will send you an alert to save whenever you get physically close to a free discount around LA thanks to your LA Metro card.
Android, iPhone Free
Walk Score Mobile Amenity Map
Displays the walkability of a location and what is within walking distance, including nearby transit stops.
iPhone Free
Walk Score/Redfin Public Transit API
Returns the Transit Score for a location and provides easy access to nearby public transit stops and routes.
Web Free Where's my LA Metro Bus?
Provides bus arrival predictions; intended for LA residents who use the same bus routes everyday to get to work or school.
iPhone $