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Metro Manners

It’s easy and nice to ride Metro Bus or Rail when people have good manners. Below are some Metro Manners you may already know, but if you don’t, let Rude Dude and Super Kind teach you proper Metro etiquette.

Wait your turn to enter the train, don't be rude or put anyone in danger. Danny Trejo says: Wait your turn to enter Metro.

Everybody just wants a nice quiet ride on Metro. Don't make another etiquette mistake, put on your head phones.Super Kind says: No loud music on Metro.

Overspreading your legs or using your belongings to take up  more than one seat is a rude thing to do. Super Kind says: Don’t seat hog on Metro . ( Code of Conduct violation 6-05-060 )

Eating makes a mess and causes problems, please help keep Metro clean and fresh. Super Kind says: Don’t eat on Metro ( Code of Conduct violation 6-05-110A )

When you have larger items with you, move to the right place and move out of the way. SuperKind says: Don’t block the aisles ( Code of Conduct violation 6-05-050 )

Failure to follow manners:  Notice of violation > $75 fine >  Ejection

Be sure to use your newly learned Metro Manners next time you ride. Remember, don’t be a Rude Dude, be a Super kind. We believe in you.

Code of Conduct