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Strategic Plan

Metro Homeless Task Force Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Objectives

  • Safety: Maintain a safe and clean environment for all Metro transit patrons.
  • Outreach and Service Coordination: Solidify a coordinated homeless outreach service approach that reduces the incidence of homelessness in and around Metro’s transit stations and corridors.
  • Quality Service: Create a culture of service when engaging and encountering homeless persons.
  • Teamwork and Partnership: Build a network of community-based and government agencies who can provide support and leverage resources.
  • Alignment with Regional Priorities: Align strategies with County and City of Los Angeles Homeless Strategies.

Strategic Planning Process

Metro has engaged Communities in Motion to lead and coordinate the strategic planning process that will involve comprehensive community and stakeholder engagement. Communities in Motion is a consulting firm with expertise in strategic planning, social policy and community engagement with specific experience in homelessness and the social service delivery system in Los Angeles County. Metro recognizes the importance of engaging organizations that are currently part of the homeless housing and service delivery system, and those communities directly impacted by homelessness in and around the Metro transit system. A comprehensive community engagement approach will help Metro create a plan that is inclusive, strengthen partnerships and effectively leverage resources. The strategic planning process began in July 2016 and is scheduled to be completed in January 2017.

The planning process will involve many stakeholders who participated in the development of City and County strategies, including the City and County of Los Angeles. Metro sees its planning process as an opportunity to leverage other resources and partner with community and public agencies currently implementing strategies related to the coordination of homeless outreach. Coordination with adopted policies and strategies will maximize already invested resources and better inform the implementation of strategies related to outreach, services and training for first responders on homelessness.