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Project Overview

The increase of homelessness in Metro’s transit system continues to challenge the agency, resulting in the need for more collaboration and coordination. With the adoption of County and City of Los Angeles strategies to address homelessness this year, Metro recognizes the need to address homelessness in and around the transit system that will align with County and City of Los Angeles priorities. Metro is creating a strategic plan to develop a coordinated and comprehensive approach that maintains a safe and clean environment for patrons, while con­necting homeless persons in the transit system to services and resources.Strategic Plan Objectives

  • Safety: Maintain a safe and clean environment for all Metro transit patrons.
  • Outreach and Service Coordination: Solidify a coordinated homeless outreach service approach that reduces the incidence of homelessness in and around Metro’s transit stations and corridors.
  • Quality Service: Create a culture of service when engaging and encountering homeless persons.
  • Teamwork and Partnership: Build a network of community-based and government agencies who can provide support and leverage resources.
  • Alignment with Regional Priorities: Align strategies with County and City of Los Angeles Homeless Strategies.