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Getting Involved

Involvement of Local Government and Independent Cities

There will be a specific effort to approach and work with independent cities throughout the County. This will include convening a meeting with a team of cities interested in actively participating in this process, meeting with the Council of Governments and launching a survey specifically targeting cities.

The survey will provide Metro with data and information on the effects of homelessness in cities most impacted by transit and homelessness. This will assist in obtaining feedback on how to best form strategic partnerships with cities along transit corridors to address homelessness.

Getting Involved in the Planning Process

There will be different ways for the community and stakeholders to contribute and be part of the engagement process from October 2016 to January 2017.

  • Stakeholder groups will be formed, involving homeless services experts and partner agencies that serve homeless individuals and families.
  • Presentations with feedback sessions will be scheduled with community and business groups.
  • Surveys will be distributed and posted online for people to provide input from a variety of stakeholders and individuals.
  • Metro will launch a portal on our website specific to this plan. This will allow anybody to regularly get information about this effort and be informed about opportunities to engage in this process.