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Bike Map

This webpage is a resource hub for those who are interested in learning about biking in LA and eventually making biking part of their travel routines. You can sign up for Free classes to learn how to bike in an urban environment or go on group rides. Ultimately this website should provide everything you might need to get biking!

Learn about biking by signing up for free classes that can provide you the knowledge and skills to bike confidently and safely.

Why bike? Check out the top 5 reasons here:

1. It’s convenient: Short trips of 3 miles or less can often be quicker by bike than by car, especially in traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to hunt for a parking space – bike parking is usually near an entrance. Travel times running errands by bike are more reliable than by car because bicycles are rarely affected by traffic congestion. Enjoy the freedom of traveling on your own schedule and making multiple stops along the way without worrying about rush hour traffic or finding parking!

2. It’s a money-saver: Bicyclists in the U.S. save “ at least $4.6 billion a year by riding instead of driving .” It costs an average of just $308 per year to maintain a bike. Compare that to the average $8,220 that drivers spend each year to travel by car and you’re looking at a pay raise!

3. It’s enjoyable: Studies have shown that hopping on your bike improves mental health. You can go on a bike ride alone or with friends and families to enjoy beaches, nature, architecture, food tours and so much more!

4. It’s healthy: Bicycling is good for your heart, brain, and blood vessels. Regular bicycling builds muscle and increases bone density while it’s easy on your joints. Bicycling can also reduce stress. Studies have shown that biking to work can reduce stress by up to 40%!

5. It’s green: Bicycling is ZERO-emission and making more trips by bike (or on foot) helps reduce air pollution, improving the air we all breathe in LA, and helps reduce greenhouse gases, contributing less to climate change.