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Metro’s Bike Education and Safety Training Community Rides

Community Rides are a great opportunity to explore LA County far-and-wide and experience bicycling in a safe, guided, group ride. These rides are free and open to the public. Each ride is curated to highlight one of the many diverse communities in LA County in a fun and immersive tour. Rides are offered regularly and vary in skill level and theme. The rides are typically 3-5 miles long with planned stops and points of interest.

A customized map is created for each ride highlighting the route, points of interest, and access to nearby public transit. Even if you missed joining a ride, you are welcome to download the maps and enjoy a community ride on your own or with friends and family for years to come!

Check out the calendar and map of upcoming community rides and other bicycle events in Los Angeles County.  Maps are coded for the comfort or accessibility level best suited to your needs.

  • Easy – leisurely ride with no or few hills. Good for beginners and large groups.
  • Family-Friendly – mostly separated from auto traffic. No or few hills and comfortable for the whole family.
  • Bike Share – in the service area of Metro Bike Share or municipal bike share system.
  • Adventure – more challenging ride with possible faster pace, more mixed traffic, or hill climbs.

Gateway Cities

North County

San Fernando Valley

San Gabriel Valley

South Bay