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Non-Commercial Photography

The general public may shoot film and digital photographs and videotape within the public areas of Metro stations for personal, amateur, and non-commercial use, except in emergencies.

In special circumstances such as a declared elevation of the Homeland Security Advisory System or when a person’s actions are deemed suspicious, persons may be questioned by law enforcement or Transit Security personnel to determine if further investigation or action is necessary.

Commercial, educational and student photography and videography are not permitted without the prior authorization of the Metro Film Office. For more information visit Filming on Metro .

All photographers and videographers must fully and immediately comply with any requests, directions, or instructions of Metro personnel or law enforcement related to safety concerns.

Photography and videotaping is only permissible in public areas and is not permitted in inside trains or buses for privacy and safety reasons. Loitering at LACMTA stations for extended periods to take photographs or video is prohibited.

Photography and videotaping within restricted/non-public areas is prohibited. Individuals found in restricted/non-public areas may be subject to investigation with possible arrest and seizure of photography or video equipment.

Only hand-held equipment may be used and no flash photography directed into on-coming rail or bus transit vehicles is permitted for safety reasons. No tripods or other stationary auxiliary equipment such as lighting and cables are permitted in rail station platform areas and on the Metro Orange Line.

Photographers and videographers must not impede passenger traffic flow, obstruct transit operations, interfere with patrons, block doors or stairs or otherwise endanger the safety of Metro, its patrons or employees. Proof of fare is always required in fare-required areas.