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If you’re a full-time Metro employee, your badge functions as a TAP card, allowing you to ride the Metro system. But even though you don’t have to pay, you are REQUIRED to TAP your card when boarding any Metro bus or train. Your fare is not valid unless you do; and if you haven’t tapped, you could be cited by a transit security officer for fare evasion.

Metro will begin latching turnstiles in Red and Purple Line Stations on June 19, 2013. When they’re latched, the turnstiles won’t open unless you tap your employee badge on the turnstile when you enter. You also are required to tap when changing from one line to another (i.e. Red Line to Blue Line) or when entering a station that does not have turnstiles, so look for the station validators to do so.  Again, if you don’t tap, you could be cited by a transit security officer.

In stations with turnstiles:

Before entering, tap the target on the right side of the turnstile in order to pass through.

When no turnstiles are present:

Look for the station validator as you approach the platform and tap before boarding; your fare is not valid unless you do.