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Token Elimination FAQ

Metro token sales will end May 15, 2018

Why are tokens being phased out?
The use of TAP cards has caused Metro tokens to become obsolete. As token use continues to decline, TAP cards have proven to be a viable, cost effective replacement that enables simpler, safer travel throughout LA County.

How long will it take for tokens to be phased out?
The sale of tokens will cease in May 15, 2018. Tokens already in circulation will still be accepted until November 29, 2019. Unused tokens cannot be returned.

What will replace tokens?
TAP cards will replace tokens. Loading fare onto a TAP card is the safest and most convenient way to travel throughout LA County.

Where can I get a TAP card?
A reusable TAP card for regular fare riders can be purchased along with a fare product in four ways:

  • Online at
  • By phone at 866.TAPTOGO
  • At over 400 vendor locations
  • From TAP vending machines located at all Metro Rail, Metro Silver Line and Metro Orange Line stations

How can I get a reduced fare TAP card?
If you are a senior citizen, a person with a disability, a college or vocational student, or a K-12 student, you may be eligible for reduced fares.  To review reduced fare eligibility and apply for a Reduced Fare TAP card, visit or a Metro Customer Center.

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