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It’s time to TAP

All fares purchased at ticket vending machines will need to be loaded on TAP cards. Paper tickets will no longer be available.

If you already have a TAP card, just follow the prompts to load it with the fare you want.

If you don't already have a TAP card, you can purchase one along with your fare from the TAP vending machine for just $2. Like all TAP cards, it can be loaded with any Metro TAP product.

If you need a TAP card:

Push any button to start
Select a fare product and TAP
Make payment
Tap card at turnstile

Senior/Disabled/Medicare, please note:

To purchase reduced passes a Senior / Disabled TAP card is required. If you don't already have one, please apply now. Applications are available online at and at Metro Customer Centers, or call 866.TAPTOGO (827.8646) to get a card.

If you already have a TAP card:

Touch your TAP card to TAP target
t Select a fare product
t Make payment
Touch TAP card to TAP target to load fare onto card
Tap card at turnstile

You can buy and load your card at:

  • TAP vending machines (TVM)
  • 400+ Metro pass sales outlets
  • Call 866.TAPTOGO

If you buy one-way tickets, try Stored Value!

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