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Pay your Metro Rail fare using tokens

If you don’t have a TAP card:

  1. Push button A – “Buy a TAP card”
    (If you don’t see this choice, press “CANCEL” before beginning.)
  2. Push button E – “Metro 1-Way Trip”
  3. Insert – $1 in cash and 1 token.
  4. Take & tap – Take card from tray below and tap when entering system.

If you have a TAP card:

  1. Touch – Touch your card to the TAP target.
  2. Push button F – “Reload your TAP card”
  3. Push button E – “Metro 1-Way Trip”
  4. Insert – 1 token.
  5. Touch – Touch card to TAP target again to load fare.
  6. Tap – Tap when entering system.
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