Metro Fares Are Sold on TAP

Turnstiles are latched and everyone needs a TAP card to ride Metro Rail.

You can buy a TAP card:

  • From TAP Vending Machines at all Metro Rail and Metro Orange Line stations.
  • From Metro Customer Centers and over 400 Metro pass sales outlets.
  • Online at
  • By phone, by calling 866.TAPTOGO

Attention Metrolink Riders

Your 1-Way/Roundtrip, Weekend Pass, 7-Day Pass and Monthly Metrolink passes enable you to board Metro Rail or Metro buses to complete your commute. Metrolink passes that have an EZ transit pass logo are eligible to ride Metro at no additional cost. You do not need to purchase a TAP card and Metro fare at this time. Simply tap your card on the validator to ride.

Metro and Metrolink are working together to ensure Metrolink riders have access to Metro Rail once station turnstiles are latched. Be sure to check back for more updates.

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