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How to Load a TAP Card

How to Load a TAP Card

There are five convenient ways to load a pass or stored value onto your TAP card:

Go to a Metro Customer Center or anywhere TAP cards are sold.

Use a TAP Vending Machine

Use a TAP Vending Machine at a Metro Rail or Metro Orange Line station

  • Select "Add value or pass to TAP"
  • Tap your card on the TAP target.
  • Select desired pass or stored value amount.
  • Insert money or credit/debit card.
  • Tap your card on the TAP target again. This will ensure your TAP card is loaded with the new pass or stored value.

Buy Online

Buy online at or by phone at 1.866.TAPTOGO.
Passes loaded this way must be purchased at least 48 hours (two days) in advance of use. When buying online or by phone, you can also take advantage of TAP’s Autoload feature, which automatically loads your 30-Day pass or stored value.

Load your card when boarding a Metro bus (Day Pass only).

Day Passes loaded onboard will be valid immediately.

  • Ask Operator for a Day Pass.
  • Insert cash.
  • Wait for Operator to push button.
  • Tap your card on the TAP target and listen for the "beep" to ensure your card is loaded.

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