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Check your TAP card’s expiration date

Reusable TAP cards last a long time, but they do expire eventually. Make sure you check your cards expiration date at any of these convenient locations. Applies to all Regular Fare blue TAP cards, Reduced Fare orange cards (Senior/Disabled/Medicare, Student K-12, College/Vocational), and commemorative cards .

1. At a fare box

Press the button at the top right of the fare box, tap your card on the TAP target and then ask the bus operator to tell you the time left on your card and pass.

2. At a TAP Vending Machine

Hold your TAP card up to the TAP target. You’ll see your card status on the screen.

3. At a rail station turnstile or station validator

Each time you tap your card on the TAP target, you’ll see your card status on the screen.

4. At a pass sales outlet

Ask your vendor to scan your TAP card on their pass sales device to check its status.

If your card has expired, buy a new TAP card for $2 TAP Vending Machines, pass sales outlets or at Metro Customer Centers. You can transfer your balance to  your new card by calling 866.TAPTOGO (866.827.8646).

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