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Maybe you're new to Metro. Or maybe you've been riding a long time and never learned the rules. Either way, this handy video playbook demonstrates some of the basics. Avoid these public transit fouls and you'll help to make riding Metro a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Boarding safely

Personal foul! Don't jam your way onto the bus or train. Wait for others to exit before you board.

Riding with luggage

Illegal block! Luggage and other large items have a designated space on Metro Rail. This space is usually located at the end of the rail cars and is marked with this yellow symbol:


Reserved seats

Impersonal foul! Stand up for others. Reserved seats are for elderly and disabled riders, including passengers in wheelchairs riding in the wheelchair securement area at the front of the bus.

Respecting operators

Unsportsman-like conduct! Please be respectful – operators are people too. Being rude or mean just takes the bus operator's attention away from the job of getting you to your destination safely.

Taking any wheeled device into a station

Improper use of the wheels! Take bikes, strollers and other wheeled devices on the elevator. Taking your wheels on an escalator can be dangerous for everyone.

Be careful when standing

Illegal motion! Be extremely careful while standing on the bus or train – it may look easy, but it's not. And even if you don't fall, you could hurt someone else.

Riding the train with a bike

Seat interference! Don't block doors or aisles – stand with your bike in the designated area marked with the yellow symbol. And stay there for your entire ride.


Using hand holds when standing

No holding penalty! Hold the hand rails to avoid falling and bumping other riders. You don't want to be that guy.

Keeping Metro clean

Ineffective use of the can! Keep Metro clean. Make sure litter makes it into the trash.

Standing to the right on escalators

Offsides! Stay to the right when standing on the escalator. Otherwise, you're a road block – and that's annoying.