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Metro has many programs for Employers and Employees that offer reduced transit fares and encourage carpooling, bike share, telecommuting and rideshare for a better, greener commute to work.

For Employers...

Employer Transit Pass Programs:

Metro’s Employer Pass Programs offer year-round reduced transit rates for employers/employees improving morale, health and attendance.

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Bike Share for Business

Bike Share for Business is a fun and affordable transportation benefit for businesses and employees, featuring three affordable options.

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Commuter Tax Benefit

IRS Code 132(f) allows employers to create a pre-tax payroll deduction for employees to set aside funds to cover the cost of commuting via transit or vanpool.  This saves both employers and employees money on payroll taxes and encourages employees to choose ways of commuting that are more environmentally friendly.

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Guaranteed Ride Home

If an emergency arises on one of your ridesharing days, you may be eligible for a free ride home through the Regional Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program.

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Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) Support

Metro provides full assistance to employers for Average Vehicle Rider (AVR) reports, ridematching services and marketing workshops for all ETCs at absolutely no cost.

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Telecommute Programs

Telecommuting is an effective workplace option which can improve employee productivity and help companies comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 2202 by eliminating one vehicle from the road each day an employee teleworks.

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Parking Cash-Out

State law requires certain employers who provide subsidized parking for their employees to offer a cash allowance in lieu of a parking space. This law is called the Parking Cash-Out Program.

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For Employees...

Rideshare/Shared Mobility

Metro Rideshare/Shared Mobility aims to provide a multi-modal approach to your commute so that you can arrive at your destination efficiently, sustainably and enjoyably.

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Metro Rewards

If you carpool, vanpool, bike or take public transit to work, you may be eligible to win gift cards.

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Metro Vanpool helps commuters with similar schedules and similar destinations get to and from work with ease.

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Ridematching Services

Connect with other commuters who share the same travel time, route and who are looking to save money.

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School Pool

Metro can help parents at your school carpool by creating a parent carpool directory, matching parents with similar schedules.

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