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Metro offers Employer Annual Pass Programs that are a high-value benefit and help to improve employee morale, health and attendance. Employers and employees may qualify for Commuter Benefits, which will significantly reduce the cost of the employee pass and act as a business tax benefit for the employer.

Metro Annual Transit Access Pass (ATAP)

  • Fare is pre-loaded annually and is good for the entire fiscal year (July-June)
  • Practically eliminates the administrative processing burden
  • Maximizes accessibility to transit for employees with EZ pass options
  • Provides peace of mind and control over passes
  • Includes a photo ID to help protect your investment
  • Employer Size (3 or more)

Metro Employer Pass Program (E-Pass)

  • Ride everything that Metro owns and operates 24/7,  including Metro local buses, Metro Rapid buses and Metro rail
  • The employer can use E-Pass as a great way to recruit and retain talented employees and improve employee morale
  • Metro loves E-Pass because it introduces the non-rider to our system and  increases ridership
  • Employer Size (50 or more)

Metro Small Employer Pass Program (SEP)

  • Annual group rate for small to medium employers (249 or less)
  • Participation requirement is 50% of total employees (default minimum may apply)
  • Unlimited use on all Metro Bus, Metro Rail, Express and Silver Line
  • Includes a photo ID to help protect your investment
  • Helps reduce parking demand and expense

To find out how you can partner with Metro and become an Employer Annual Pass Program  client, please request more information or call 213.922.7983 and a Metro annual transit pass expert will gladly assist you.