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FAQ - Administrator

What is the Administrator’s responsibility?

  • Determines whether a student is eligible to participate in the U-Pass program
  • Confirms each Participant has submitted the Disclaimer/Waiver form
  • Sells the U-Pass and distributes U-Pass Media
  • Track’s and maintains the Participant Log List. Participant Log List must include the following information:
    • Participant’s name
    • Number of U-Pass Media assigned to each Participant
    • Participant’s student ID or other unique identifier
    • Date U-Pass Media was issued
    • Indicate whether U-Pass Media is loaded either via CPOS or by Metro via Autoload
    • If Autoload is required, Metro will require the Participant Log List is updated no later than 2:00 PM of each business day
  • The PPL is due twice per semester
    • End of sales closing date  (Last day  U-Pass is sold)
    • End of the Pass Period (Last day of current semester)

How to Report Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Defective U-Pass Stickers?

  • Email an Excel spreadsheet to and CC with the following information:
    • U-Pass Sticker Number
    • Student First and Last Name
    • Student ID or Email Address as assigned by school
    • Date to Cancel U-PASS Sticker

U-Pass Sticker Number

Student First and Last Name

Student ID or Email Address

Date to Cancel U-Pass Sticker


Mickey Mouse



  • Files should be submitted only on days when activity occurs
  • TAP Operations will cancel the U-Pass Sticker within one business day of receiving the file
  • TAP Operations will no longer maintain records of students enrolled in the U-Pass Program
  • All records must be maintained by the participating school

Metro contact information:

  • For CPOS device assistance call L.A. Dispatch at 213.863.4394
  • For U-Pass questions:
    • Devon Deming, Director of MCS, 213.922.7957 or
    • Jocelyn Feliciano, Communications Manager, 213.922.3895 or
    • Beverly Levi Dagan, Sr. Mgr. System Projects, 213.922.5614 or