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We are bringing you a better, safer plaza.

On October 10, Patsaouras Bus Plaza (located on eastside of Union Station) will reopen and resume bus and shuttle services inside the plaza. To see bus bay assignments check out our map . The upgrades will allow the flow of buses and shuttles to navigate easier in and out of the plaza. In addition, the new upgrades have given drivers a the new underground facility, the Union Station East Passenger Pick-up/Drop-off Facility , that makes it much safer to pick up passengers in an area dedicated for vehicles. This facility is now open and is available by entering the underground parking lots on Vignes Street.

In order to keep the flow of bus and shuttle traffic moving, private vehicles will no longer enter the plaza. Private vehicles must use the new passenger pick-up/drop-off facility or they will be cited.

For more questions regarding the bus plaza reopening, call 323.GO.METRO.

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