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1. Why is Patsaouras Plaza closing?

a.  The bus plaza will close for construction to undergo needed upgrades and repairs. The existing pavers, waterproofing membrane, and storm drains on the Patsaouras Transit Plaza drive lanes have been damaged through 20-years of wear and tear by over 1,000 buses per day. The repairs will improve the passenger experience and keep everyone safe. Some of the replacements include but are not limited to:

1.    Remove and replace pavers
2.    replace waterproofing
3.    repair drainage system
4.    add pedestrian safety fencing

2. During closure, where can I pick-up/drop-off passengers if I am a private vehicle?

If you are used to entering the bus plaza to pick up passengers, you will be instructed to pick up at our new Union Station East Passenger Pick-Up/Drop-Off Facility . This new facility will open on July 9, 2016 and is accessible to all vehicles under 8 feet tall by entering the underground parking garage through either one of two entrances on Vignes Street. Be on the lookout for new posted signs to direct you to the new facility.

3. During closure, where will shuttles and buses that entered the plaza be relocated?

View our map for exact location of temporary bus and shuttle stops. Flyaway and BoltBus will pick up in the front of the Union Station West. Megabus is located in the Amtrak Bus terminal. Follow posted wayfinding signs to locate all shuttle buses.

4. Where can I pick-up/drop-off passengers if I am a private shuttle (i.e Lucky Brand shuttle etc)?

If you are private shuttle, we urge you to register with Metro to ensure you are given a new location to pick/drop-off passengers while closure takes place.

5. During construction, where can I catch the Hollywood Bowl Shuttle at Union Station?

You can board the Hollywood Bowl shuttle in the same area where all other shuttles board, see map for details.

6. During closure, where is my new pickup/drop-off location if I use ACCESS?

Access/Paratransit Services has one location for pick-up and drop-off in front of Union Station West. This is the stop most people use when coming to Union Station. Union Station West will remain unchanged and works best to access Union Station. If you need to reach Metro headquarters, make sure to tell the Access reservation agent so they can help plan your trip with accordingly.

7. Is there ADA accessible pathway to access shuttles?

Yes. To reach the accessible pathway entering from Union Station West, follow signs leading to shuttles. Signs will point you to take the elevator located between Subway and Starbucks to the 2nd floor to access path to buses and shuttles.

8. Was it really necessary to close the plaza? Why couldn’t repairs have been made with the plaza open?

Yes, we need to close the plaza.  There is no practical way to make the required repairs with the buses running .

9. Will pedestrian walkway be open during the closure?

Yes. During closure, all pedestrian walkways from the corner of Vignes and Cesar Chavez and from Vignes Street and Ramirez Street will remain open so passengers can walk between their trains and their temporary bus stops.

10. When will the plaza reopen?

The plaza is scheduled to open in early October. Check back closer to October for a date to be announced. Announcements will also be made in the Metro Los Angeles Facebook, Twitter accounts as well as our blog.