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Theme: Policy and Planning Subcommittee

Bicycle Planning

  • Expand bicycle parking with bicycle stations
  • Begin by building action plan
  • Emphasize bicycling for all trips, not just commuting
  • More outreach meetings (including for Call for Projects)
  • Conduct counts; share data
  • Emphasize countywide network and Complete Streets
  • Too much focus on expensive bike paths
  • Add SWITRS data to Bicycle Transportation Strategic Plan (BTSP) to identify where improvements should be planned
  • Convert to on-demand lockers
  • Develop bike share at stations
  • Integrate local Bicycle Master Plans (BMPs) into Strategic Plan (Volume 1 and 2)
  • Improve collaboration with non-profits
  • Share lessons learned
  • Deduct points in Call for Projects (CFP) Regionally Significant Transportation Improvement (RSTI) category for projects that do not include a bicycle component (or add points for projects that do)
  • Require a sustainability element in all motorized projects
  • Emphasize bicycle accommodation in freeway interchange, arterials or bridge/overpass projects in CFP
  • Fund education, safety and encouragement projects in CFP
  • Fund innovative and experimental designs in CFP Project Planning
  • Bicycle Advisory Committee for all projects
  • All projects should incorporate Complete Streets concepts
  • Plan for improved access to transit stations in new projects
  • As part of new projects, emphasize improvements at major intersections around transit stations
  • Metro could establish a Bike Working Group.
  • There could be breakout sessions to help Metro staff develop planning policies.

Joint Development

  • TOD’s need same level of bicycle access to station entrance as pedestrians and autos
  • Provide bicycle parking within convenient access to station entrance with good visibility
  • Allow vendors at stations

Long Range Planning & Coordination Group

  • Integrate Metro’s BTSP into Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
  • Emphasize bicycling as equal footing as other modes

Parking Policy

  • Revise Metro parking policy; no free car parking
  • Bicycle parking should have lower price point than autos

Transit Planning

  • Wilshire Corridor bus service does not accommodate bikes
  • Connect Metro stops to activity centers and attractions

Funding/Regional Programming

  • Increase funding for bicycle projects in CFP
  • Fund maintenance for roads heavily used by buses and near bus stops
  • Fund pavement projects
  • Use Prop C funding for bike and ped improvements

Government Relations

  • Support legislation that increases bicycle use
  • Advocate for non-motorized in Washington
  • Include bicycle projects in federal earmark proposals

Implementation Subcommittee

Station Planning/Engineering and Construction Depts

  • Improve access to transit stations
  • Emphasize improvements at major intersections adjacent to transit stations
  • Allow designs to accommodate growth in bicycle use and to expand bicycle parking
  • Design/ retrofit stations and construct stair channels for bike wheels


  • Promote more bicycle use in campaigns
  • Use public art model for bike parking
  • Improve website (with Planning)
  • Livable Communities message; emphasize public health and community safety in messages about benefits of cycling and benefits to reduce climate effects; partner with CDHS
  • Bicycle information/ route maps inside all Metro stations
  • Lower volume of transit TV
  • Make bike rules more obvious
  • Post messages that promote safety and bicycling inside transit vehicles
  • Increase wayfinding and other directional signs

Operations (Bus, Rail) Subcommittee

  • Allow bikes on escalators
  • More capacity on trains/ remove seats
  • Clarify bike rules
  • Provide clear instructions/signage on where bikes should go in trains
  • Provide straps to hold bikes on trains
  • Add places for cyclists to hold onto inside trains
  • Define train and bus capacity
  • Install bike racks in station mezzanines
  • Train bus operators to be more alert for cyclists; improve training
  • Change policy to allow bikes inside buses when racks are full [at night if buses are not full]
  • Evaluate success of triple bike racks in Long Beach and consider for Metro
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