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What is Bike to Work Day?
Bike to Work Day (BTWD) is a celebration of bicycles as a fun and healthy way to get to work, as well as an opportunity for those who don’t usually bike commute to try it out! This year, Los Angeles County is celebrating Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 16th. Join other Angelenos by pedaling to work on the biggest biking day of the year.

How to Host an Event : On Bike to Work Day, employers are encouraged to host pit stops for bicyclists. Typically pit stops are held on the morning or evening of Bike to Work Day during peak commute hours (e.g., 6:00-9:00 a.m.). Pit stop organizers typically set up a booth or table with water and refreshments (e.g., bananas, bagels, coffee, etc.) and promotional items (e.g., bike lights, ankle straps, etc.) and distribute them to bicyclists who stop by en route to or on their way home from work. Whether they are simple or elaborate, pit stops are great ways for employers to show support and cheer on their employees!

Employers can also hold other events such as group bike rides, bike checkups, repair clinics, and more. If you would like to hold a pit stop or other event, please fill out the form for Bike Month 2019.

How to Encourage Employees to Participate in Bike to Work Day:
Employers can inform their employees of Bike to Work Day by posting flyers and sending emails inviting people to bike to work on May 16th. They can circulate information to employees regarding Bike to Work Day pit stops and other events. Other ways to engage employees include:

Set up a competition:
Hold a team bike challenge and have employees compete against each other or a neighboring company for the most miles traveled.

Show Them the Ropes:
Have someone on staff who commutes? Ask them to be a bike mentor and encourage co-workers to ride.
Support safe cycling by promoting free local bicycle education classes .

Thank Your Employees for Participating in Bike Month and Bike to Work Day:
Plan a quick Bike to Work Day celebration breakfast or lunch and prizes for participants to thank employees for participating in Bike to Work Day and Bike Month 2019.

Don’t forget to spread the news to your workplace about all the other fun events going on during the month of May! See Metro’s Map and Calendar for Bike Month events and locations.

Below are just a few resources to get bicyclists in your area excited about Bike Month and Bike to Work Day!

Printed Materials

Digital Assets

Social Media Assets

Here are top five messages for Twitter and Facebook:

  • Where will the ride take you? Join us this #BikeMonth to find out!
  • Looking for ways to improve your bike commute? Visit for safety tips group rides and more. #BikeMonth
  • No time for the gym? Riding your bike to work, shop or visit a friend is an easy way to work in a workout! #BikeMonth
  • Taking your bike instead of the car to school/work today? Share a photo and use hashtag #BikeMonth
  • More than 80% of bike commuters say they feel healthier and less stressed. Probably because they're getting exercise, saving money, and doing something good for the environment. Be one of those people! #BikeMonth