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Past Events

APTA National Public Transportation Career Day - May 16, 2019

Career Shadowing event for high school students

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day - April 25, 2019

WGGC Hosted Self-Defense Classes in Recognition of Denim Day - April 24, 2019

WGGC Hosted Self-Defense Classes in Recognition of Denim Day - April 24, 2019

Comprehensive training for Metro employees

Girls Empowerment Summit - March 29, 2019

WGGC Hosted Self-Defense Classes in Recognition of Denim Day - April 24, 2019

Career exposure event for nearly 200 high school students

Metro’s Girls Empowerment Summit is a half-day event highlighting opportunities in areas of the transportation industry where women are traditionally under-represented.

The summit will focus on encouraging girls to own their career and bring awareness to the numerous job and career opportunities available in the transportation industry. Participants will have the opportunity to see examples of successful female professionals in various careers in the transportation industry.

Girl Scouts - Career in Motion - October 27, 2018

Partner event with Girl Scouts to provide career exposure to 100 girls

LA Transportation Careers Day will provide 100 girls scouts the opportunity to learn about all of the exciting career options in the transportation industry. Metro, in partnership with Caltrans, LADOT and Metrolink, is hosting a fun- filled event that will provide tours, workshops and educational activities. Participants will see how LA’s four major transportation agencies move over 24-million people each day.  Nicole Casalino, Assistant Administrative Analyst, served as the lead Coordinator for this event.

The Planning Committee consisted of:  Claudia Galicia, Collette Langston, Carolina Coppolo, Pamela Gutierrez-Blackwood, Teresa Wong, Fulgene Asuncion, Imelda Hernandez, Jennifer Cauich, Angie Godinez, Marisol Cabral, Devon Deming, Anna Noyola, Dina Madrigal-Arteaga, Sonja Owens.

APTA Career Day- Career Shadow - May 17, 2018

Hosted Girls Academic Leadership Academy for a day of career shadowing

Hosted 25 girls from the Girls Academic Leadership Academy to shadow 25 Metro employees.  Invited twenty-five 9th and 10th grade students to learn about Metro and the careers available in the public transportation industry. The goal for the event was for each student to leave with an impression that a career in fields such as Operations, Construction, or Information Technology is possible. By equipping 9th and 10th grade students with knowledge about public transportation career opportunities, we establish the foundation for a career pathway within the industry.

The 25 Metro employees were:  Supervisor and Metro Director Sheila Kuehl, Supervisor and Metro Director Hilda Solis, Supervisor and Metro Director Janice Hahn, Metro Director Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Anais Arrenquin, Camelia Davis, Chandrani Kahanda, Cinthya Lupian, Claudia Solano, Elba Higueros, Erica Lee, Janayre Bertrand, Jennifer Lieu, Julie Owen, Karla Cooper-Santos, Laura Gomez, Linda Edwards, Lucila Robles, Marion Colston, Michelle Johnson, Monica Carney, Sonja Owens, Stephanie Wiggins, Tiffany Harris, Tiffany Luu.

Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day - April 26, 2018

In April, Metro opened their doors to the next generation of workers by taking part in Taking your Dauthers and Sons to Work Day. WGGC provided a valuable presentation to share some of the many careers that Metro has to offer. The presentation covered careers in Operations, Countywide Planning and Development, Construction, EEO & Office of Civil Rights and a broader discussion on Metro's Career Paths. Thanks to the staff that participated in bringing their children to work and exposing them to opportunities that encourages leadership, perseverance and teaches the importance of education to reach their career goal in the future.

Denim Day Self Defense Class at Gateway - April 25, 2018

Full day of training classes

In recognition of Denim Day, WGGC Co-Hosted a Self Defense Class in partnership with Alex Wiggins, Chief of the Safety, Security and Law Enforcement Department.  Provided a full day of classes with 75 participants.

DIY Girls Dream Big Event - November 28, 2017

Screening of Dream Big and panel discussion with female industry leaders

WGGC co-sponsored the screening of the film Dream Big for approximately 150 girls ranging from elementary to high school students.  The film shows how engineers push the limits of innovation in unexpected and amazing ways.  After the film there was a panel discussion to give students perspective from a diverse group of female industry leaders, including Jeanet Owens, Sr Executive Officer, and Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer.

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