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2019 Girls’ Empowerment Summit Workshop/Session Ideas

Name of Workshop/Session


Goal of Workshop/Session

1. Construction: Not just a man’s job.

Staff from current construction projects (Purple Line, Crenshaw, Regional Connector) will talk about the different jobs that are available to women and how their journey allowed them to arrive there. Workshop can be interactive in that participants can develop a  timeline of how a project gets constructed.

Girls will be exposed to non-traditional roles in the transportation/construction industry and learn about how a transportation project gets constructed.

2. Technology: The future of transportation.

Transportation professionals will interact with participants on where they see the future of transportation going and then provide an overview of the current initiatives that are being worked on by OEI. Women professionals will talk about why they choose this field and what they’ve done to make an impact in the future of transportation.

Participants will learn about where the future of transportation is going and how they can choose a career that can impact the way we travel.

3. Planning: How a transportation system is developed

Participants will work on an activity that shows how they travel from place to place (school, activities, dinner, and home). Planners then show why this is important and how they plan a transportation network based on feedback from the public. Women planners will talk about how they came into their position and what they like about their job.

Girls will learn about how and why planning a transportation network is important and the different careers that are available to them in planning.

4. Human Resources Dating Game

Contestants dress and act in different ways to get a job. Audience participation encouraged on choosing the appropriate contestant for the job

Allow girls to determine what type of dress and characteristics are needed in a job interview.

5. Introduction to Metro Bus Operations

Metro Operations staff provide a tour of Division 13 and allow participants to experience what bus drivers, service attendants, and mechanics do on a daily basis to

Allow girls to explore non-traditional careers in transportation. Girls will see and hear from women in these non-traditional roles.

6. Introduction to Metrolink Operations

Metrolink provides a tour of the control area of one of their offline trains and an overview of train engineer and conductor responsibilities

Allow girls to explore non-traditional careers in transportation. Girls will see and hear from women in these non-traditional roles.

7. Why is diversity and equal opportunity important?

EEOC provides an overview and importance of diversity and equal opportunity in school and work place. The session will be a conversation with participants and help them realize that encouraging inclusivity in all situations is valuable and provides for a productivity environment.

Allows girls to learn and talk about why encouraging diversity, equal opportunity and inclusivity is important in school, workplace, and in any environment.

8. TCAP presentation

An overview of the TCAP program will be explained and former TCAP students will present their capstone projects to participants.

Girls will learn about the TCAP program and learn how important it is to get an internship early to figure out which career path to take.

9. Bike Share/Bike Hub Presentation

Planners will provide an overview of the bikeshare program and demonstrate the use of bikeshare/bike hub. Planners will describe their path to become an active transportation planner and why its important to think of this aspect for overall transportation planning.

Girls will learn how to use bikeshare/bike hub. They will learn about a career in active transportation and learn that transportation is not just about cars/buses/rail.

10. So you want to be an Executive or a Board Member?

Participants will get insight from notable women in transportation on becoming an agency/firm executive or a Board Member. This may be an interactive discussion or participants can present their case on being an executive or board member (similar to Shark Tank)

Girls can learn what it takes to rise up through the ranks to become a head of an agency, a firm, or become a notable politician. The girls can gain some exposure on being able to present in front of seasoned executives.

11. Creatives: How art contributes to transportation.

Metro Marketing and Union Station Arts can provide an overview of all the art that is on our transportation system. The workshop/session can be interactive in that participants can draw or suggest art that should be on buses, stations, or in advertisements

Participants will be exposed to the art that is an intrinsic part of transportation. They will learn how their creativity can lead to a career that contributes to transportation.

12. Building Bridges

Participants will learn about the engineering, design, and planning that goes into building bridges on our highway and rail systems. Participants will be building paper or stick bridges

Participants will learn the steps and the effort that goes into building bridges and that its only one part of development of a transportation project.

13. Being a Professional: Customer Service

Participants will be placed in different situations where they need to provide a service to a customer and will provide their response in each situation. Metro Customer relations staff will provide their feedback and explain what actions are best when being a professional

Participants will learn soft skills on tempering their reactions, being courteous in difficult situations, problem solving, and standing their ground.

14. Does Transportation Save the Trees? (Environmental)

Metro and Caltrans staff will provide examples of how transportation projects impact the environmental, but also provides benefits to the environment. Women in the environmental field will provide examples of cultural artifacts found and present mitigation such as providing habitat for certain species and planting trees and other landscaping along the transportation corridors

Participants will learn about environmental careers in transportation.

15. Transit Security: Keeping You SAFE

Women in Metro Transit will describe the ways that they keep passengers and employees safe on the transit system. Interactive activities can include a demonstration of the K-9 units, showing transit security vehicles, and self-defense/safety approaches for girls riding transit.

Girls will learn about what jobs are available to women in transit safety and learn some safety tips while riding transit.

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