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What can you expect during pile installation and decking work?

Constructing a station is a multi-step process. The work begins with advanced utility relocation (AUR) work and proceeds to pile installation and decking, which the project teams are gearing up for to begin at Wilshire/La Brea later this year. The purpose of piles is to support the station excavation. A deck is also installed which will serve as the temporary street surface allowing traffic to continue to flow and maintain access to sidewalks and driveways, while construction continues underneath.

During pile installation, 70-90 foot holes are augured into the streets along the perimeter of the station box. This work occurs behind concrete barriers which provide a safety barricade between the installation work and the adjacent traffic, which will have two lanes that will remain open in each direction on Wilshire Blvd. The pile installation process is completed on one side of the street before the equipment is relocated to the opposite side of the street to continue operations.

Installation of concrete decking follows and will require temporary full street closures. During decking operations, the existing street pavement within the area of the station box is removed and the street will be excavated approximately 10 to 12 feet deep from curb to curb on Wilshire Blvd. The deck beams are then installed over the pile and precast concrete deck panels are placed to create the temporary street surface.

The streets are re-opened to traffic while station construction continues underground.

Last year, we showed a pile installation and street decking video that demonstrates the work. Take a look if you haven’t seen it yet: