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 Contact Us

Construction Relations Team – Section 1, Western to La Cienega

  • Kasey Shuda
    Construction Relations Manager 
    T: 323.900.2124
  • Michael Cortez
    Construction Relations Assistant Manager
    T: 323.900.2145
  • Mindy Lake
    Construction Relations Officer, West Segment
    (La Cienega to Hauser)
    T: 323.900.2146
  • Ned Racine
    Construction Relations Officer, East Segment
    (Western to Hauser)
    T: 323.900.2190
  • Lucia Phan
    New Media Communications Officer
    T: 323.900.2172
  • Glyssa Alcazar
    Construction Relations Officer
    T: 323.900.2192

Construction Relations – Section 2 and 3, west of La Cienega

Community Relations

Community Relations – Section 2 and 3, west of La Cienega

Media Relations

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