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Did you know that the project has a tree relocation and removal plan?

In order to build the Purple Line Extension (PLE) project, trees along the project alignment will need to be removed at the three new subway stations at La Brea, Fairfax, La Cienega, and the existing station at Western. But the good news is, for every tree that is removed, Metro will replace it with two at the completion of the project. Additionally, several existing trees will be removed and relocated to the project’s staging yard at Wilshire and Crenshaw.

Did You Know Image, Tree Relocation and Removal

During the initial submittal, Metro estimated that 101 trees needed to be removed. However, once the design-builder Skanska, Traylor, Shea (STS) was given notice to proceed on the project, the PLE Construction Management team and STS conducted a walk around to review the construction design and determine if more trees could remain in place during construction.  Concurrently, Metro’s PLE Construction Relations and Construction Management team had numerous meetings with the Miracle Mile Civic Coalition leadership to discuss their concerns about trees and medians. Metro committed to sharpening their pencils and working with the contractor to save as many trees as possible during the course of construction.  As a result of this effort, the proposed number of trees to be removed was reduced from 101 to 82.

The project recently re-submitted an amended tree removal plan to include the reduced number of trees that need to be removed to the Bureau of Street Services for approval.  Next, notices will be posted on trees that need to be removed and the report will go before the Board of Public Works.

The community will have an opportunity to participate with the landscape design team before the plan is approved. Landscape will be installed once the stations have been built and the streets restored.  In addition to replacing two trees for every one removed, Metro will also install new Miracle Mile signs in the medians at each end of the mile with protective bollards.