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Purple (D Line) Extension First/Last Mile — Section 1

Metro is studying the areas around Purple (D Line) Extension, Section 1 for opportunities to improve walking and biking connections to the future rail stations.

The plan will cover the following stations:

  • Wilshire/La Brea
  • Wilshire/Fairfax
  • Wilshire/La Cienega

What is First/Last Mile Diagram? Illustrations of home, bike rider, Metro stop, vehicles demonstrating concept.

What is First/Last Mile?

An individual’s trip is understood as the entire journey from origin to destination. Individuals may use a number of modes (types) of transport to complete the journey – they may walk, drive, ride a bicycle, take a train, or - in many cases - combine a number of modes. Bus and rail services often form the core of a trip, but users complete the first and last portion on their own.  For example, they must first walk, bike, drive or roll themselves to and from the nearest station. This is referred to as the first and last mile of the user’s trip.  Find out more here !

What about Purple (D Line) Extension Sections 2 & 3?

Metro’s First/Last Mile Plan for Purple (D Line) Extension Section 2 & 3 was completed in Spring 2020. Sections 2 & 3 include the following stations:

  • Wilshire/Rodeo
  • Century City/Constellation
  • Westwood/UCLA
  • Westwood/VA Hospital

More information, including the plan itself, is available here . Learn about the overall Purple (D Line) Extension here .

Get Involved

The First/Last Mile planning process is strengthened with community participation and feedback.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related safety measures, most of our usual engagement processes have moved online.

Starting in March 2021, Metro will launch an online survey for public feedback.  The survey will be available for one month and we look forward to receiving comments.


November/December 2020

Stakeholder interviews

January 2021


March 2021

Online surveys

* Note: due to COVID-19 and unforeseen circumstances, these dates are subject to change.