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Project Alternatives

Southern Alignment

There is only one project alternative being considered between the Southern Terminus at the proposed Pioneer Station in the City of Artesia and the proposed Florence/Salt Lake Station in the City of Huntington Park.

Northern Alignment Options

The remaining northern portion currently has four alignment options. In April 2017, Metro released the Northern Alignment Options Screening Report , which analyzed the six alignment options for the northern portion of the project (Union Station to the City of Huntington Park) identified in the SCAG AA and Metro TRS, to determine how well each option met the goals and objectives of the project. Upon review, the Metro Board of Directors approved carrying forward the four Northern Alignment Options identified in the TRS for environmental study and initiating the scoping process for this project, including:

  • Option A: Pacific/Alameda (7.4 miles)
  • Option B: Pacific/Vignes (7.2 miles)
  • Option C: Alameda (8.0 miles)
  • Option D: Alameda/Vignes (8.1 miles)

In addition, the project will evaluate an optional station at Bloomfield Av (just north of the LA County-Orange County boundary) in the event that the WSAB line was to be extended to Orange County in the future.

Project Map

Environmental Process Timeline

Contact Us

Please use the following contact tools to access more project information, ask questions or provide comments.

Fanny Pan
Project Manager
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, M/S 99-22-3
Los Angeles, CA  90012

(213) 922-6262

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