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Project Overview

Interstate 605 (I-605) and State Route 91 (SR-91), the San Gabriel River Freeway and Artesia Freeway, are major north-south and east-west transportation routes located within LA County and are integral to the Southern California freeway network.

To improve traffic flow along the freeways, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 7, in collaboration with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (GCCOG), the City of Cerritos and the City of Artesia, are proposing improvements along westbound SR-91 between Shoemaker Av and the I-605/SR-91 Interchange, and at the I-605 northbound exit to Alondra Bl.

Proposed improvements include widening the SR-91 by adding one new general-purpose lane in the westbound direction adding auxiliary lanes between local interchanges; improving freeway entrance and exit ramps. Additional improvements are also anticipated on the arterial streets near the freeway ramp intersections.

Project Area

The proposed project is located in the cities of Artesia and Cerritos.


Under Measure R, $140 million has been set aside for this project from the I-605 “Hot Spots” Program. This funding source was exclusively used for funding the feasibility study, the PSR-PDS and the environmental phase. Future phases will continue using Measure R funds and will leverage those funds against potential federal, state and other funding sources.

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