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Canoga Station

Boarding platforms at Canoga Station will be reassigned to accommodate Lines 161, 169, 601 Warner Center Shuttle and 750 which will now be serving this station. It will be an improvement for Orange Line riders who will now board at one single location, platform #2, for all eastbound trips to North Hollywood. Previously, patrons had to alternate with platform # 4 if the eastbound Orange Line was coming from Warner Center. Permanent signage at the station will be updated to reflect the changes just before the June 24 launch date. The complete list of boarding locations at Canoga Station is as follows:

  • Platform #1 Orange Line to Chatsworth
  • Platform #2 Orange Line to North Hollywood
  • Platform #3 Metro Line 169, Orange Line Discharge Only
  • Platform #4 Metro Lines 161, 601 Warner Center Shuttle & 750

A map of the station layout is shown below:

Map of the station layout

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