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Vermont Corridor

Overview & Purpose

The Vermont corridor extends approximately 12.5 miles from Hollywood Boulevard south to 120th Street. It is the second busiest bus corridor (behind Wilshire) in Los Angeles County with over 45,000 weekday boardings.  In addition to being one of the busiest bus corridors in the region, there are also approximately 150,775 people who reside in the study area (within ½ mile either side).  The Vermont Corridor also provides important connections to the Metro Rail system as well as several Metro Rapid and local bus lines and several DASH and municipal services.   The majority of the corridor falls within the City of Los Angeles with approximately 2.5 miles on the south end (the west side of Vermont only) in the County of Los Angeles.  The Vermont BRT Corridor Technical Study will analyze the feasibility of implementing BRT service on the corridor.

Vermont Corridor

Why the Vermont Corridor?

There are several reasons why BRT is being studied for the Vermont Corridor.  These include to improve and/or enhance the existing transit service and to address:

  • Slow travel speeds
  • Overcrowded buses
  • Poor on-time performance
  • Recurring bottlenecks at major intersections
  • Bus/auto conflicts
  • Heavy traffic congestion along corridor

Vermont Corridor Map

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