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TIP Workshops

The Metro TIP team regularly conducts two kinds of TIP workshops for agents responsible for programming transportation funds:

TIP Informational Overview Workshops

Don't understand what the TIP is? At least once a year, we offer an informational overview workshop to explain the TIP process, its significance, and how it fits into an agency's overall project delivery plan. Depending on the time of year and/or the period of the TIP cycle, actions covered in the workshop may be different.

ProgramMetro TIP Database Training Sessions

Need to add your transportation project into the county TIP document? Attend one of our monthly ProgramMetro TIP database training sessions! These hands-on workshops give attendees an opportunity to learn the different features of our online TIP database so that they can edit, review, and submit transportation projects to the county TIP.

Who Should Attend?

Our TIP workshops focus primarily on public agencies in the Los Angeles region that deal with transportation projects. All staff members of public works, community development, and transit agencies who deal directly with local, state, or federal transportation funds should attend these workshops.

Workshop Schedule

For information regarding the next TIP informational overview workshop or ProgramMetro TIP database training session, please contact us .