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Updating the TIP


The TIP is revised once every odd year (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 etc.).

ProgramMetro is open for TIP project submissions in the late summer/early fall of the calendar year prior to each TIP adoption. The project submissions are then forwarded to SCAG for review the next summer and approved by federal agencies that December.

For example, project submissions for the 2019 TIP adoption are due to Metro Fall 2017. Metro will forward the projects to SCAG for review Summer 2018 and projects will be approved by federal agencies December 2018.

Agencies are responsible for keeping project submissions up to date during the adoption process. This includes reviewing, updating, and carrying over projects from the previous TIP document into the current one.

Amendments and Administrative Modifications

On a monthly basis between TIP adoptions, agencies are given the opportunity to update their projects on ProgramMetro. Depending on the degree of change to the project, updates can be done through one of the two following procedures:

1. Amendment (formal)

  • This procedure is for projects that require major changes.
  • Project changes are submitted to Metro and then passed on to SCAG, then to Caltrans, and then finally to the USDOT for federal approval.
  • Because of the many layers of review, amendments can take up to 3 months for federal approval.

2. Administrative Modification (informal)

  • This procedure is for projects that require minor changes such as cost increases under 40% or new funding sources.
  • Project changes are submitted to Metro and then passed on to SCAG.
  • SCAG has the delegated authority to approve administrative modifications, so this process is much quicker than the amendment process.

Submissions for either procedure are done in the same way on ProgramMetro. All submissions received before the 1 st day of every month will be considered for the next available amendment or administrative modification.

Please note that for project amendments to be approved by SCAG, the changes must meet the following criteria:

  • May not affect the regional emissions analysis
  • May not affect the timely implementation of the Transportation Control Measures
  • May not adversely impact financial constraint
  • Stay consistent with the adopted Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Amendments and Administrative Modifications Schedule

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