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Transit Supportive Planning

Transit Supportive Planning provides programs and tools for municipalities to promote successful transit-oriented land use and planning, and for the development community to design, build, and maintain projects near Metro transit services and facilities in furtherance of Metro’s Transit Oriented Communities vision. Resources include:

Transit Oriented Development Planning Grant Program

The Transit Oriented Development Planning Grant Program provides competitive funding to municipalities and County agencies seeking to adopt comprehensive, transit-supportive land use plans that remove barriers to TOD. Funded plans include updates to General Plans, specific plans, overlay zones or other planning tools. The grant also funds the environmental processes required to adopt the plans. In addition to funding land use plans, a Transit Oriented Communities Tax Increment Finaincing Pilot  program will fund feasitiblity studies for eligible cities and/or the County to consider tax increment financing districts around transit stations. Details on the first –five rounds of this grant program.

Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit

The Transit Supportive Toolkit is a resource to advance the level of development that promotes equitable access, sustainable practices, and transit-supportive places and infrastructure. Metro’s Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit provides municipalities with best practices and case studies for resilient and transit-supportive land uses across a variety of neighborhood typologies. The research-based Toolkit identifies ten elements of Transit Supportive Places that when advanced collectively can improve the reduction of vehicle miles traveled and increase transit ridership.

Metro Adjacent Development Review

Metro’s Adjacent Development Review process and Handbook encourage early coordination with development project teams and municipalities, and provide guidance in the design, construction, and maintenance of projects near Metro rights-of-way. This process is intended to support the creation of integrated, vibrant places around transit, reduce potential transit-development construction and operational conflicts, and facilitate clearance for building permits.

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