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TOC Demonstration

TOC Demonstration

In October 2015, Metro launched the TOC Demonstration Program, to showcase a more comprehensive approach to facilitating development on Metro-owned land around high quality transit stations, and to expanding and measuring the impact of these developments within a one to one and a half mile radius in the transit corridor.

Moving from TOD to TOCs requires Metro to take a leadership role in collaborating with a variety of local stakeholders, including local government, private developers and community members, to make our individual transit oriented developments and policies part of a vibrant built environment for existing and future residents to live, work, play and commute. The TOC Demonstration Program will showcase a broader community development focus to all aspects of Metro’s work in building the public transit system and its related infrastructure. The Program will be realized through two components:

  • A recalibration of the JD Process focused on active collaboration with community stakeholders and local jurisdictions
  • A “TOC Toolkit” that draws upon an array of creative community development tools to support JD projects in achieving broader TOC goals

Seven sites have been selected for the TOC Demonstration Program. It is important to note that the seven sites identified for the Program are not the only active projects in the current JD work program. The TOC approach will be applied to all active sites, and new sites can be pursued during and after the Demonstration Program.

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