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As of February 2021, Metro is in the phase of introducing early concepts to the public and to stakeholders. We’re moving forward with our exploration of early traffic reduction concepts. Read the recent article on The Source.

Traffic Reduction Study Phase , 2019 - 2022

2019 Fall - Start of Traffic Reduction Study
2020 Summer to Fall - Stakeholder and public engagement and listening
2021 Winter - Introduction of early concepts
Winter to Fall - Technical analysis to iteratively refine concepts
Summer to Winter 2022 - Develop implementation plan for traffic reduction pilot program
2022 Winter - Develop implementation plan for traffic reduction pilot program (continued)
Spring - Metro Board decision on implementation plan

Traffic Reduction Pilot Implementation Phase , 2023 - 2025

2023 Environmental Clearance
TRS Pilot Project Programming
- Federal and state approval
Start final system design
- Preliminary engineering
- Systems engineering process
- Final pricing system and transit operations design
2024 Start integration and system deployment
- Road and transit improvements
- Pricing system and electronics
- Project marketing
- Back office systems
2025 Pilot Program opening