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Activities This Program Funds
The Metro Board has authorized staff to enter into funding agreements with WSAB Transit Corridor Cities and the County (Local Jurisdictions) to support a three-year Implementation Program (Program) for the following activities:

A. Grant Writing Assistance: Metro will provide grant writers to WSAB local jurisdictions to support preparation and submittal of grant applications focused on implementing TOD SIP recommendations.
B. TOD SIP Implementation Funding: Metro to provide up to $200,000 to WSAB local jurisdictions to conduct planning studies focused on implementing TOD SIP recommendations.
C. Grant Matching Funds: Metro to provide WSAB local jurisdictions with up to $200,000 in local match funding for jurisdictions to use when submitting a grant application focused on implementing TOD SIP recommendations.

The $200,000 is available as a total for (B) Implementation Program Funding and (C) Grant Matching Funds per each local jurisdiction.

Eligibility to Apply

Local Jurisdictions with boundaries that encompass some or all of the ½ mile area around any of the 12 identified West Santa Ana Branch Transit Corridor Project Stations.

Instructions for Applying
Local Jurisdictions should access the Program Description and Intake Instructions, choose from among the three funding programs available, and complete and submit the required Intake Form(s) to by August 31, 2020, the application deadline for this Round 1 of funding.