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C. Grant Matching Funds

Program Description
Metro will provide local grant matching funds for an applicant pursuing funding from another grant source. Please note that local jurisdictions can be awarded up to $200,000 total for (B) Implementation Program Funding and (C) Grant Matching Funds.

Funding Availability

  • New funding round opened and advertised, and applications are processed every 6 months
  • Program funding available for a 3-year period

Application Process

  • Complete the Section C intake form
  • For Planning Projects - Questions1-10 - For Capital Projects-Questions 1-12
  • Submit to
  • Intake form evaluated by Metro Staff. Forms using a “pass” or “fail” method based on completeness, readiness and consistency with WSAB TOD SIP categories.
  • Jurisdictions that complete one or more applications will be evaluated based on the following top three weighted criteria:
    1. Project Readiness (Scope, budget, schedule and projected start/end date)
    2. Project Staff Commitment (City dedicated staff or another contract staff/agency)
    3. Project Location within Metro’s Equity Focus Communities boundaries
  • If selected, a Metro full funding agreement is enacted.

Round 1

April 14: Round 1 Program initiated, intake form and supporting materials available on website.
August 31: Intake forms due.