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A. Grant Writing Assistance

Program Description
Metro will provide grant writers to eligible WSAB jurisdictions to pursue grant funding related to one or more of the 6 TOD SIP categories described on page 5 of the Program Description and Intake Instructions for either a Planning Study or Capital Project.

Project Timeline

  • Intake forms are processed as they are received
  • Jurisdictions are eligible for 2 project applications maximum, per year
  • Funding available to support up to 10 applications per year
  • Program funding available for a 3-year period

Application Process

Complete the Section A intake form: Questions 1-10 for Planning Projects or Questions 1-12 for Capital Projects

  • Signature of City Manager or equivalent required for program self-certification agreement
  • Submit to
  • Intake forms are evaluated by Metro Staff using a “pass” or “fail” method based on completeness, readiness and consistency with WSAB TOD SIP six categories.
  • Jurisdictions that complete one or more applications will be evaluated based on the following top three weighted criteria:
    1. Project Readiness (Scope, budget, schedule and projected start/end date);
    2. Project Staff Commitment (City dedicated staff or another contract staff/agency);
    3. Project Location within Metro’s Equity Focus Communities boundaries.
  • If application is approved, Metro’s Grant Writing Assistance is initiated