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The TOD Planning Grant Program is designed to spur the adoption of local land use regulations that are supportive of Transit Oriented Development in Los Angeles County.

TOD Planning Grant Program Objectives

  • Increase access to transit by assisting local governments to accelerate the adoption of TOD regulatory frameworks;
  • Improve the transit network and increase utilization of public transit by reducing the number of modes of transportation necessary to access regional and local transit;
  • Further the reduction of greenhouse gases through encouraging in-fill development along transit corridors and transit use; and
  • Support and implement sustainable development principles.
  • Support municipalities in implementing complimentary transit-supportive infrastructure projects and affordable housing.
  • Improve local and regional efforts that enhance an equitable integration of transportation and community planning.
  • Increase opportunities to meaningfully engage diverse stakeholders, especially underserved and vulnerable communities, in advancing transit supportive planning efforts across the region.
  • Increase the number of comprehensive, community-driven transit supportive planning efforts around Metro light rail, Metrolink Stations, and Metro Transitway/Bus Rapid Transit stations and adjacent transit corridors in Los Angeles County.

Round 5

On March 1, 2018, Metro Board approved funding for seven municipalities with regulatory authority to advance projects within a one-half mile of Metrolink, Metro Rail or Metro Transitway/Bus Rapid Transit stations and adjacent corridors with $2.42 million. Currently, the program funds have been exhausted for any future funding for this program.

Four jurisdictions will develop Transit support Regulatory plans, and three jurisdictions will study the feasibility of creating Transit-Oriented Communities Tax Increment Financing districts.

  1. The development of comprehensive Transit Supportive Regulatory Plans. Using Metro’s Transit Supportive Planning Toolkit as the framework, Metro will fund cities to develop and adopt regulatory documents (e.g. specific plans, general plan amendments, zoning code amendments and similar) along with the corresponding environmental clearance; OR
  2. The Transit Oriented Communities Tax Increment Financing (TOC TIF) Pilot Program, which will fund studies that assess the feasibility of creating tax increment financing districts (Community Revitalization and Investment Areas (CRIA) or Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts (EIFD) in areas that comply with the Program Guidelines, meet state criteria and have transit-supportive regulatory documents in place or under development. Please refer to Southern California Association of Government’s Technical Assistance Application for screening criteria and eligibility.

Summary of Round 5 awards