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Expenditure Plan

Mobility in Los Angeles County is a necessity and requires an aggressive, responsible and accountable plan to meet the transportation needs of its more than 10 million residents.

  • Rail expansion : Expand the County’s Metro rail system, including direct airport connection
  • Local street improvements : Synchronize signals, fill potholes, repair streets, and make neighborhood streets and intersections safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians in each community
  • Traffic reduction : Enhance safety and improve flow on L.A.County freeways and highways.
  • Better public transportation: Make public transportation more convenient and affordable – especially for seniors, students, disabled and commuters.
  • Quality of Life: Provide alternatives to high gas prices, simulate the local economy, create jobs, reduce pollution and decrease dependency on foreign oil.

The Measure R Expenditure Plan devotes its funds to seven transportation categories as follows: 35% to new rail and bus rapid transit projects, 3% to Metrolink projects, 2% to Metro Rail system improvement projects, 20% to carpool lanes, highways and other highway related improvements, 5% to rail operations, 20% to bus operations, and 15% for local city sponsored improvements.

Measure R

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