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Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee – Measure R

Measure R Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee

Measure R is a half-cent sales tax for Los Angeles County to finance new transportation projects and programs, and accelerate those already in the pipeline.  All Measure R funds will be spent in accordance with the plan approved by voters. There will be an annual independent audit and report to taxpayers and ongoing monitoring and review of spending by an independent taxpayer oversight committee.

The Committee meets at least twice each year to carry out the purposes of the Measure R Ordinance. All meetings of the committee shall be held in compliance within Los Angeles County. All meetings of the Committee shall be held in compliance with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act (Section 54950 et seq. of the California Government Code).

The Committee reviews the results of the audit performed pursuant to Section 8(a) of the Ordinance and make findings as to whether Metro has complied with the terms of the Ordinance. Such findings shall include a determination as to whether recipients of Net Revenues allocated to the Local Return Subfund have complied with this Ordinance and any additional guidelines developed by Metro pursuant to Section 9(b).

The Committee prepares an annual report to the Metro Board of Directors presenting the results of the annual audit process and any findings made. The report shall include an assessment of the consistency of the expenditures of Sales Tax Revenues with the Ordinance, including Attachment A. The Committee shall cause a summary of the report to be published in local newspapers and the entire report and annual audit to be made available to every library located within Los Angeles County for public review. The Committee shall hold a public hearing on each audit and annual report and shall report the comments of the public to Metro.

The Committee reviews any proposed amendments to the Ordinance, including the expenditure plan, and make a finding as to whether the proposed amendments further the purpose of this Ordinance.

The Committee reviews all proposed debt financing and makes a finding as to whether the benefits of the proposed financing for accelerating project delivery, avoiding future cost escalation, and related factors exceed issuance and interest costs.

Mobility in Los Angeles County is a necessity and requires an aggressive, responsible and accountable plan to meet the transportation needs of its more than 10 million residents.

  • Rail expansion : Expand the County’s Metro rail system, including direct airport connection
  • Local street improvements : Synchronize signals, fill potholes, repair streets, and make neighborhood streets and intersections safer for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians in each community
  • Traffic reduction : Enhance safety and improve flow on L.A.County freeways and highways.
  • Better public transportation: Make public transportation more convenient and affordable – especially for seniors, students, disabled and commuters.
  • Quality of Life: Provide alternatives to high gas prices, simulate the local economy, create jobs, reduce pollution and decrease dependency on foreign oil.

The Measure R Expenditure Plan devotes its funds to seven transportation categories as follows: 35% to new rail and bus rapid transit projects, 3% to Metrolink projects, 2% to Metro Rail system improvement projects, 20% to carpool lanes, highways and other highway related improvements, 5% to rail operations, 20% to bus operations, and 15% for local city sponsored improvements.

Measure R

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The Committee shall be comprised of three persons, each of whom shall be a retired Federal or State Judge. Committee members shall be selected as follows: one member shall be appointed by the Los Angeles County of Board of Supervisors; one member shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles; and one member shall be appointed by the Los Angeles County City Selection Committee. The members of the Committee must reside in Los Angeles County. No person currently serving as an elected or appointed city, county, special district, state or federal public officeholder shall be eligible to serve as a member of the Committee. Each member of the Committee shall serve for a term of two years, and until a successor is appointed. No member of the Committee shall be entitled to any compensation, except that Metro may reimburse actual expenses of members arising out of the performance of their duties as Committee members.

The Committee shall select and consult with an advisory panel when performing its responsibilities required under the Ordinance. Members of the advisory panel may be replaced by the Committee at any time by a majority vote of the Committee. No member of the advisory panel shall be entitled to any compensation, except that Metro may reimburse actual expenses of members arising out of the performance of their duties as advisory panel members.