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Sustainable Design Trainings

These trainings are for recipients of Metro Call for Projects 2013 and beyond to comply with the sustainable design requirement.

Training Objectives

  • Train Call for Projects applicants from 2013 and beyond on how to develop a sustainable design plan.
  • Educate applicants on the components of a sustainable design plan.
  • Provide examples of sustainable outcomes.
  • Estimate performance results and quantify benefits.


  • Understand and align existing Metro policies and sustainable design requirement in 2013 Call for Projects and beyond.
  • Define sustainable design plan components.
  • Identify and apply green design strategies.
  • Develop performance metrics for measuring outcomes.

Intended Audience: Metro Call for Projects applicants from 2013 and beyond.

Upcoming Trainings

  • Thursday, June 25, 2020 1pm - 4pm
    This will be an online course.

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