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Sustainability dashboard

Sustainability is Our Priority

Every day is Earth Day at Metro. Since our Environmental Policy was adopted in 2009, sustainability is a part of everything we do.

Metro's annual sustainability reporting provides data to inform decision-making in accordance with the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) standards. Metro’s work to advance environmental equity and efficient operations achieved notable improvements in the calendar year of 2019. As we continue to advance mobility, we're also making contributions to improved air quality and public health, as well as reductions in water use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Illustrating Our Progress

Metro tracks our progress annually against industry-standard sustainability metrics aligned with Metro functions in the areas of air quality, climate, energy, waste, water and operational efficiency. This reporting effort is essential to our process of identifying opportunities where we can do better, determining whether innovative new pilot initiatives are ready for agency-wide implementation and tracking our larger program effectiveness. Our new reporting dashboard allows you to see our performance in a new, more transparent way. See our progress and join us in our journey to build a more sustainable environment, economy and way of life.

A Letter From Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Los Angeles faces unique transportation challenges, but we are well-equipped to continually improve and create a more resilient LA.

Cris Liban, Chief Sustainability Officer In past years, Metro showed our sustainable accomplishments through two reports: the Energy and Resource Report, which shows our performance in relation to the APTA metrics, and a Sustainability Report, which outlines our long-range planning efforts. As we bring these together, under our guiding plan Moving Beyond Sustainability , we have also created a dashboard as an interim report of our 2019 performance, keeping our decade-long commitment to sharing information and transparency. While we plan, grow and manage the fastest-growing transportation system in the nation, equity and sustainability remain at the forefront of our decision-making. As Metro aggressively prepares for a new reality and uncertain future, we will use this data to prioritize innovative solutions that ensure positive outcomes for LA’s people, environment and economy. We understand our work is never complete. Metro’s workforce and riders are central to the restorative changes revealed by this dashboard. And now, more than ever, we are focused on meeting current fiscal challenges by minimizing environmental impacts within our region.

Cris Liban,
Chief Sustainability Officer