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Metro is committed to building climate-safe infrastructure while minimizing negative impacts to the environment during the construction process.

Building Sustainably

Metro integrates innovative sustainability strategies throughout project planning, design and construction to mitigate the negative impacts of our capital program on the environment.

Indicators of Sustainable Building

Energy Efficient Buildings
Metro has committed to build all new buildings over 10,000 square feet to LEED Silver standard or higher.

Building Commissioning
Metro’s facilities play a critical role in delivering safe and reliable transit services across LA County. Our building commissioning process ensures new facilities are equipped for this task by embedding sustainability and performance considerations into every phase of a project, from design through operations.

LEED Certification
To date, eleven buildings have been certified to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver or higher including Metro headquarters and several transportation and maintenance buildings.

The following Metro facilities have achieved recognition as LEED silver or better:

Facility Certification Level Year / Status
Division 14 NC Gold 2017
Division 24 NC Silver 2016
Division 7 Campus EBOM Silver 2015
Division 10 Campus EBOM Silver 2014
Division 3 Maintenance Annex NC Gold 2010
Union Station Gateway EBOM Gold 2010
El Monte Station NC Gold 2009
Division 13 NC Gold 2009
Division 3 Maintenance Building NC Certified 2008
Division 9 Transportation Building NC Gold 2008
CMF Building 6 NC Gold 2007

The following projects are in the process of achieving LEED certification:

Facility Certification Level Year / Status
Location 64 NC Silver 2019 – under construction
Division 16 Southwest Yard NC TBD 2019 – under construction
Emergency Security Operations Center (ESOC) NC TBD In design
Airport Metro Connetor 96 th Street Station NC Silver In design
Willowbrook / Rosa Parks Station – Security hub NC TBD 2020 – under construction
Willowbrook / Rosa Parks Station – Bike hub NC TBD 2020 – under construction

Envision: Expo Line, Section II and Purple Line Extension, Section 1 are the first Metro projects to achieve Envision certification.  With the focus on planning and process from design stage through operations and maintenance, there is much in this system that helps Metro consider the best sustainability practices throughout the life of our projects. Learn more about Envision and take classes offered here at Metro.

Site Remediation
ECSD provides site remediation support for Metro-owned properties including:

  • Groundwater Contamination/Remediation
  • Soil Remediation/Removal
  • Lead/Asbestos Analysis and Abatement

Green Construction Policy
Metro is committed to using greener, less polluting construction equipment and vehicles, and will implement best practices to reduce harmful emissions in all construction projects performed on Metro properties and rights-of-way. Data collected through this program are reported to the Metro Board annually.

Renewable Diesel
Starting in 2018, Metro began requiring the use of renewable diesel – a cleaner and more sustainable fuel – on all capital construction projects.

Contractor's Sustainability Plan Guidance Manual
In 2018, ECSD created a new reference document to assist contractors in documenting how they are fulfilling their compliance obligations associated with CalGreen. The Sustainability Plan program also collects evidence to highlight  areas where contractors bringing the best innovative, sustainable practices to Metro projects.

Metro's Environmental Construction Awareness (MECA) Project
In 2018, ECSD launched a new website of resources and information to assist SBE/DBE contractors in developing robust project proposals that meet environmental requirements and expectations. MECA ensures that contractors understand the importance of sustainability from project design through construction.

Guiding Our Decision Making

Environmental Policy
In 2009, Metro established an on-going commitment to provide multi-modal public transit services that greatly improve the quality of the environment in the communities it serves; and its commitment to planning and constructing projects, operating and maintaining facilities and vehicles, and procuring products and services in a manner that protects human health and the environment.

Green Construction Policy
In 2011, Metro provided requirements for 1) identifying and mitigating air emission impacts on human health, environment, and climate of on-road and off-road construction equipment and generators used in our construction and development activities; 2) implementing appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to complement equipment mitigations; and 3) implementing strategies to ensure compliance with this policy.

Environmental Liabilities Assessment and Reporting Program
In 2009, policy established a coordinated and integrated framework for determining Metro’s known and potential environmental liabilities. The reporting protocol under this program ensures Metro’s continued compliance with financial reporting standards, reduces current environmental liabilities and reduces the probability of similar liabilities occurring in the future.

Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling and Reuse Policy
In 2007, Metro committed to implement consistent criteria and procedures on the use of recyclable and recycled products and materials on capital projects.

Preserving and Protecting the Past

While Metro builds the next LA, we also believe in conserving and preserving the past and LA’s unique natural ecosystem.

Featured Projects and Programs

See Metro’s featured projects and programs .

Resources and Tools

Metro has developed resources and tools to provide our contracting community technical assistance and training on our building program requirements.