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Growing a Greener Workforce

Raising the Green IQ for Metro and the greater Los Angeles community

Metro is offering the following trainings to our small business partners and non-profits interested in the environment and sustainability.

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The Envision sustainability rating system is an international standard for assessing project effects across a variety of categories, including resource allocation, the natural world, quality of life, and climate change. This 8-hour training is designed for those who work in planning, engineering, architecture, operations and maintenance or procurement.

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This training will provide instruction in the practical application of the Envision Rating System through presentations, group exercises, and case studies.

Some reasons to take the training:

  • Envision is used by Metro, the County and City of Los Angeles
  • Envision acts as a guide for making more informed decisions about the sustainability of infrastructure projects, aligned with Metro initiative, policies and priorities.
  • Highly rated Envision projects have been found to have long-term viability, lower cost, few negative impacts on the community, and saves owners and operators money over time.

The workshop will qualify participants to take the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) accreditation exam.

Trainings are offered monthly.

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July 25 Training

August 14 Training

September 22 Training

October 26 Training

November 17 Training

December 6 Training

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G-PRO is a comprehensive green building training and certificate program developed with and for those who build and operate building infrastructure. The first module, Fundamentals of Building Green, provides a foundational background on concepts that will help you bridge the gap between conventional and sustainable practices.  Once you have successfully completed this module, other modules will become available that are specific to your field and work focus: operations & maintenance, construction management, electrical systems, plumbing and mechanical-HVAC.

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Some reasons to take the training:

  • This course introduces participants to the principles of green concepts and terminology
  • Successful completion qualifies contractors, trades, building operators and service workers for  LEED pilot credit 81 under New Construction and Exiting Buildings
  • GBCI and AIA credits are available for this course

Trainings are offered monthly.

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