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The mission of the Metro’s Sustainability Council is to improve sustainability efforts by developing targets, metrics and strategies to assist Metro in achieving stated sustainability program goals.

The objectives of the Sustainability Council are as follows:

  • To advise in the development of Metro’s sustainability goals, established targets and performance measures, and assist in the tracking and reporting on a quarterly as outlined in Motion 57’s four major categories: 1) Climate Change & Resiliency, 2) Energy, 3) Solid Waste & Recycling, and 4) Water;
  • Improve  understanding of our constituents and stakeholders of the sustainability-related efforts and opportunities at LA Metro; and
  • To provide input on the following priorities for FY19: 1) Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, 2) Green Procurement Policy and 3) Resiliency Framework.
  • Sustainability Council's Meeting ARC

Meetings for Fiscal Year 2021

Meetings for Fiscal Year 2020

Meetings for fiscal year 2019

Sustainability Council Accomplishments for FY20

The LA Metro Sustainability Council (Council) has closely collaborated with LA Metro on multiple important and multifaceted issues. This past year, Council members have collaborated with the agency as follows:
  • Worked together with staff on the visioning and design of the Metro Sustainable Acquisition Program . The proposed program framework was approved by the LA Metro Board in Summer 2019. This Program will change the way LA Metro procures for goods and services agency-wide.
  • Worked with the new LA Metro Chief Sustainability Officer on the agency’s sustainability vision through collaboration on Metro’s 10-year Sustainability Strategic Plan, Moving Beyond Sustainability (MBS) .
  • Collaborated on the comprehensive Metro 2019 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
  • Worked together with staff on the implementation of the Metro Sustainable Acquisition Plan , approved by the LA Metro Board in Summer 2019. This plan will change the way LA Metro procures for goods and services agency-wide.
  • Facilitated discussions with the construction, energy, and green building industry to develop strategies that reduce LA Metro’s carbon footprint, eliminate waste generation, and increase operational efficiency while incorporating environmental, social, and fiscal considerations.
  • Council constituents Participated in LA Metro’s environmental, sustainability, and community resiliency programs, increasing Metro’s commitment to regional education and collaboration.
  • Partnered with multiple organizations represented by Council members in community outreach programs such as Earth Day.

With Moving Beyond Sustainability in place, LA Metro and the Council continue to work hand in hand to make Los Angeles the model for sustainability and resiliency.

Sustainability Council Accomplishments for FY18

  • Reviewed, provided comments, and accepted the Regional Advancement Mitigation Plan Report (RAMP) provided by Metro staff.
  • Facilitated Earth Day events throughout LA County (i.e. Bureau of Sanitation events). Provided sustainability materials for inner City kids (500) in conjunction with LADWP and the Music Center.
  • Engaged International technical companies (Finland, Norway) who were invited to present to the Council that provided sustainability solutions (i.e. virtual Think Tank).
  • International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) 2019 Conference – Cris Liban submitted that we co-host this event as part of Council outreach and partnerships.